I Like You a Locks

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I don’t know why I find these locks captivating, so I won’t try to explain that. But here are more pictures of locks than you ever knew you needed. Trust me though, this sample set has character.

Light Sculpture

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On the way home from the grocery store, we came across this display. A small gallery was projecting images onto the building across the street. I looked this up afterwards — apparently it is called a light sculpture. Here are … Continued

Le Weekend

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Spoiler alert: This is a little more mundane than extraordinary, but right now – nothing seems ordinary. I saw Elvis in a potato chip once. ~Fox Mulder Saturday morning, we went to Parler Parlor – a free-form conversation group between … Continued

Reenactment in the 5th

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About 6.5 years ago, we came to Paris on a work trip (his, not mine). We ate pizza at a restaurant and took a couple of photos there. Years later, we still frequently thought about that meal, but could never … Continued

French Finds

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We spent the majority of the week roaming around Paris and encountering beautiful and interesting finds. I should note that generally on these walks, we practice counting to 100 in french out loud…and then repeat. We completely stick out. We … Continued

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