A Weekend in Lyon: Bouchons

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Bouchons are small restaurants found in Lyon that serve traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. The dishes are typically rich and meat- and offal-oriented. It’s not a place for the weak or picky eater. Nearly 20 years ago, an organization started certifying restaurants … Continued

Paris Comic Con: 2016

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After class last Friday, we metro-ed over to the 19th to attend Comic Con. This is Paris’s second Comic-Con and our first. And so as to not get your hopes up, we left our cosplay outfits at home and attended … Continued

A Tale of Two Sweaters

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This post has taken a few days to write due to its deeply personal and somewhat embarrassing nature. It is not about the sights and grandeur of Paris, but rather the first of many fails in acclimating to life in … Continued

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