Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

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Or, The Penultimate Post. Do you have certain words that you’re always trying to use in a sentence? That was one. As was portmanteau. So check and check.

You know, S and I have spent almost every hour of every day together for the last 10 months. But this week and next, we are making a couple of solo trips. Solo?!! Are we ready for this? Who will check me into my flights? Will the stranger to my left mind if I fall asleep on their shoulder? Cause that’s kinda how I’ve been trained to do it.

Tuscan Countryside

So there are views, and then there are views. The Tuscan countryside has most of them beat.

We spent a day exploring the countryside in San Gimignano, Siena, and Greve.

San Gimignano is a small, walled hill town known for its skyline of medieval towers. Siena is another beautiful medieval hill town with highlights including a Duomo, the main square Piazzo del Campo (where they hold a horse race twice a year), and the Basilica di San Domenica. It’s a gorgeous place to just walk around and explore.

We also made a stop at Greve, the main town of the Chianti wine region, before stopping at a small winery for a wine tasting.

I wish we were there now. Remind me to try and convince every single person I know to get married here. Just look at that backdrop.

Final Moments in Florence

I think we do firsts and lasts well…if I do say myself. On our last night abroad, we cleaned up a bit and went to my favorite fancy bar and had the best time. I still can’t get over it all. That evening, we walked out our apartment building, hung a right around the Duomo, stopped at my favorite bar right across from Piazza Repubblica where we were entertained and served by an attractive, attentive, generous, Italian bartender (I don’t care that he’s attractive, just sharing a fact so you have the right visual), and then slowly and happily strolled back home.

As annoying as the tourist season can be in that area – this is one of the many times living in that area was totally worth it.



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