Santorini and Small Worlds

Santorini and Small Worlds

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Do I Know You?

The other day, I had dinner at a restaurant with my sister and her friends in a small city outside of Dallas. After dinner, we decided to get dessert at the ice cream spot next door. As we passed the entrance of the restaurant en route to the ice cream spot, a girl with dark olive skin and dark hair exited the restaurant and said in my general direction “do I know you from somewhere?”

My first thought: She’s talking to someone else – maybe one of my sister’s friends or someone else near me. Someone that actually lives around here. It’s dark and I can’t quite make out where her gaze is landing, but I’m sure I don’t know her. I don’t know anyone in this town save the 5 people I am with. But, I don’t see anyone else in my peripheral vision that could be her intended target, so I respond with “me?” to give her the opportunity to pick another victim. Maybe I’m still a little in Europe mode, but when a stranger talks to me, I instinctively want to avoid them. I assume they’re about to present a crap trinket that I can get for a mere euro. Or maybe I’m just not what you’d call “friendly.” Either way, I’m waiting for her response.

She responds, “yes, you.”

At this point, S is several feet in front of me, but upon hearing our dialogue, stops and turns back toward our direction.

Second thought: Obviously, this is one of those all-Indians-look-alike cases of mistaken identity. This has happened to me so many times in my life, it’s embarrassing. It’s always super awkward and almost never a compliment. I’m no stranger to these types of mix-ups, and plus it was dark (making it just slightly more forgivable), so I respond with “no, don’t think so” and try to craft a sassy exit line before I walk away.

But then I see her face lingering on mine and have the sense that she isn’t going to give this up. She’s definitely convinced she recognizes me.

Third thought: Is it possible I’ve gained another stalker in the last year, despite barely being in this country? Not a stranger to that either.

After an awkward silence (is there any other kind?) – and presumably her giving me the opportunity to get there on my own, she asks if I was just in Santorini.

Huuuuuuuh? Who is this person and how does she know that? Stalker theory sounding a lot more plausible.

“Umm, yes.” And then, with a smile of vindication, she exclaims, “we went on a wine tour together! I just saw you walking outside and thought, I know that girl!!”

How. Crazy. Is. That.

Of all the places in all the world, one of the people on our 8-person wine tour in Santorini is having dinner at the same restaurant as me in this small city outside of Dallas. AND she recognizes me.

And just as a small aside of honesty…and this is a poor reflection on my part. I still didn’t have any idea who she was when made her big reveal. As I said, the wine tour had 8 people on it. It was pretty intimate. We talked and joked and drank with all of the people on the tour. I remember them vaguely being a fun bunch. But I couldn’t place her. S, however, who was standing nearby listening to the whole thing (thankfully) said “oh yeah, of course” as soon as she explained the wine tour connection. So, I took that as my cue to start acting like I remembered her too. Eventually, I did remember her, but my part of the first 5 minutes of this aha group moment we were all sharing was a little Oscar-worthy. K, maybe Golden Globe.


Aside from the wine tour – which was great, by the way (and I pretty much disdain tours) – we walked from Fira on one end of the island to Oia on the other end (world didn’t seem so small then, btw), walked to beautiful Ammoudi Bay, and had a first row seat to an amazing sunset (word on the street is Greece has the best ones). So far, I have no evidence to rebut that claim.

P.S. S just looked at this set of photos and said he’s a “big fan of this series.” He’s a critic, so hope this means you will be too…

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