Mykonos Magyk

Mykonos Magyk

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I’m never going to have another birthday quite as blissful or luxurious as the one in Mykonos. That’s the bad news. Everything else was magical.

I ate amazing food, basked in a luxurious hotel, took lots of pictures, watched dreamy sunsets, had lots of frozen yogurt, and saw all sorts of beautiful things. I’m not sure if there is any other place that appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities quite as much as Mykonos – at least the side that loves white and minimalism. It’s gorgeous.

Also, I had no idea greek frozen yogurt was a thing here. It seems a little “duh” to me now, but I was unaware. And for someone who consumes large amounts of greek yogurt, and has a deep love of frozen yogurt (my first, original true love that came long before I developed a fondness for ice cream)…well, you can imagine the glee. So we ate some everyday. Cause why not.

In other news, I finally figured out the ending to this blog. And I’m really excited about it. I recently learned that I’d never mentioned that this blog exists to one of my friends – which is silly, because she is one of the few people that would have been interested in tagging along our journey and would have actually read it. So, once she learned about it, she started reading it from the beginning – and it brought back all these memories of things that seemed so long ago. I love reliving it though. So, for the rest of you: one day soon this domain name will expire and I won’t be renewing it. I didn’t intend it to continue on indefinitely. So if you missed the good parts, you should get them while you still can. And according to 3 of my more candid friends, those are all in the first 3 months.


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