A Day in Capri

A Day in Capri

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I don’t know that I’ll ever visit Capri again…it was a little chichi for me. But looking back through these pictures reminds me how beautiful it was. Interestingly (or maybe just to me), my most liked photo on instagram was from here.

I always feel like I experience these trips twice. Once when I’m actually there, and once when I go through all the pictures and we both try to recall what we did each day.

We spent about a day in Capri, and in that short time, we did 4 really fun things:

  • Took a boat ride – really two – to check out the Blue Grotto. It is really blue. I have no good pictures from it, since to actually go into the grotto, you have to transfer to a tiny, bobbling boat.
  • Walked along a trail to the Natural Arch. Again, very few good pictures of it.
  • Had drinks at Jacky Bar – one of the most beautiful bars I’ve ever been to with their 1950s Cuba meets Cotton Club decor. The best picture of this place is on instagram.
  • And last, but not least, we took the chair lift up to Mount Salaro, the highest point of the island. This was so fun and peaceful, and such a nice way to see the city. Pictures of that included below.

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