The Streets and Eats of Lisbon: Part 2

The Streets and Eats of Lisbon: Part 2

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Coffee Stops

Over the course of our stay we hit up a couple of coffee shops. I read that the specialty coffee scene is still relatively new in Lisbon, so I was really interested to check it out. Plus, don’t you just love the vibe of a cool coffee shop? Our first stop, Fábrica Coffee Roasters, had this quirky, coffee-inspired, Bali-inspired décor, and served a smooth aeropress. And, then later, I dragged my husband (seriously, he was not feeling this. at. all.) to Hello, Kristof – which is a modern, Scandinavian-inspired space that served my hot, exhausted, cranky husband the cutest little iced latte. Imagine his annoyance when I told him I needed to take a picture of it before he could drink it. Anyway, I should disclaim here that I actually don’t know how to attribute décor to geographic areas – so I’m stretching a bit. You probably know better, but regardless, they were stellar spaces. And I’ve realized that all this traveling has the unfortunate side effect of filling my head with ideas of how to decorate a home. And obviously I have no actual home to decorate.


We received mixed feedback about heading to Belém, a picturesque waterfront district west of Lisbon. There is a striking monastery there that I suspect is interesting, but we only saw the outside. As for the rest of the area, we were in and out in about 20 minutes. It was pretty to look at it, but largely packed and a little blah overall for us.

LX Factory

On the way back from Belém though, we stopped for lunch at LX factory, an urban renovation project that has turned old fabric factories into cafés, bars, vintage shops, tattoo shops, etc. It’s a total hipster’s paradise. We stopped at a bookstore and an old italian handy man gave us a small tour of his quirky inventions. Totally weird and awesome. We probably could have easily spent a day roaming through the shops.

Time Out Market

Another day, another hipster’s paradise. We went to the Time Out Market for food one day and it was amazing. It’s a huge indoor space filled with restaurant vendors and tons of seating. The evening we went a band was playing to commemorate the market’s anniversary, so it was especially booming. We ate our way through the circumference of the the market – munching on bacalhau (cod), pastaniscas, seafood tartare, chicken gizzards, and pork belly, and a few other things I don’t recall. We also had a couple of tastings of ginja – cherry liquor – a specialty of the region.

Human-rented Interaction

The last day we were there we hung out with friends of our Paris friends. I don’t know if I mentioned our Paris peeps before on this blog, but the only thing you need to know is they are cool. Like actual cool. And also gracious. They put us in contact with some friends of theirs from Seattle that recently moved to Lisbon (all the cool kids are doing this these days). And those guys generously invited us to hang out with them and some of their friends for a fun evening filled with drinks, delicious food, laughs, and one random art exhibit in a dark warehouse. It was lovely and a much-needed opportunity to exercise those nearly atrophied conversing-with-humans muscles.

P.S. the title of this paragraph is kind of a joke, which I’m sure no one will get, which is just as well since it’s sort of work-related. And probably not that funny. Like I said…muscles…atrophying.

Here’s a few last pics of beautiful Lisbon, including the most random balcony decoration using all those extra jeans and plants you have lying around.



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