Postcards from the Bay of Arcachon

Postcards from the Bay of Arcachon

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By far the best thing we did in Bordeaux was…ahem, not in Bordeaux. We took a short train and bus ride west to go the Bay of Arcachon (Bassin d’Arcachon). The weather was perfect for this outing that day. Sunny, warm, and breezy.

Dune du Pilat

The thing to do there is go up the Dune du Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe. It’s about 110 meters tall. During high season they put up stairs to help people ascend the dune, but it wasn’t out yet. So we kicked off our shoes and started our ascent. It gets pretty steep at the top, which made for a really funny climb up. It’s a little bit of a two steps forward, one step back kind of a thing. So fun.

But once you get to the top, the views are dreamy. On one side is a forest and on the other is the Atlantic ocean. I squinted really hard, but couldn’t see any of you.

We found a little spot to ourselves, plopped down, and picnicked on a totally un-french spread of crackers, bugles (yes, really), and oreos.

It was sooo relaxing. It will probably be my most salient memory from our time here.

Enjoy the blues below. And remember, “Fear is the mind-killer.”



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