The Final Chapter: A Day in Carcassonne

The Final Chapter: A Day in Carcassonne

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Rollicking Road Trip Through France: Chapter 13

This is it! Chapter 13 – the final chapter of our road trip through France.

At this point in our trip, we were very ready to get to Bordeaux, but like many people who find themselves in the southwest of France, we had to stop for a day in Carcassonne. We arrived at our B&B in the evening after several hours of driving. It was dark and rainy and we were tired. I normally steer clear of B&Bs, but I was thrilled when the owner told us he would be upgrading us to a larger suite that he had empty. And the room was so huge and so adorable (and so blue) that once we got to our room, we decided to stay in for the evening and visit Carcassonne the next day.


Carcassonne: the Good, the Bad, and the Game

From our room, we had amazing views of Carcassonne. At night, the impressive fortifications are lit up and it’s really magnificent. Even during the day, the towers and walls are so much more stunning that any other walled city we’ve visited. It looks unreal.

But that is where the good ended for us. Because when you get inside the walls, it feels unreal. There is a sort of faux sheen to the whole place. After about 10 minutes of walking through the place, I felt like I was at the Renaissance festival. Except no turkey leg. And no mead. And overall, just not nearly as fun (granted, the Maryland Renn-fest is pretty entertaining so it’s a high bar).

Several weeks ago before we left Paris, we played the Carcassonne board game with some fellow expats. And when it comes to Carcassonne, I think that’s my best recommendation. Find a couple of awesome people, have a few beers, play the board game, and call it a day.


This road trip was such an incredible adventure. After 13 chapters, we saw things, did things, and met people that I’d have never have guessed we’d see, do, or meet. I’m still in a little bit of disbelief that we even did it. But then I realize that I am writing that sentence from the kitchen island of my apartment in Bordeaux, and the whole thing seems nuts.

Next time, I’ll update you with life here in Bordeaux. It’s been considerably slower and sunnier here. We’re loving it.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this quote. It’s on my mind because it’s one of the more cliché quotes among travel bloggers, which I am reading a lot of these days. But it’s still nice.

Not all those who wander are lost.

~J. R. R. Tolkien


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