Loire Valley: Château de Chambord and Château de Villandry

Loire Valley: Château de Chambord and Château de Villandry

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Rollicking Road Trip Through France: Chapter 3

Château’d out yet? Well, we have 3 more to go. Today, we have Château de Chambord and Château de Villandry. But before we get to that…

Road Trip Observations…Continued

I just saw the Justice League trailer. Actually, I watched it four times. I feel like at this point one shouldn’t get overly excited about DC movies, but my goodness I was excited. Maybe it was just the thrill of watching something that I could actually comprehend (unlike the dubbed NCIS or Castle episodes that play in the background some evenings), but it got me. It looks like they are going to try some humor. At some point Bruce Wayne has a beard. And Aquaman. Jason Momoa looks so friggin cool. What a creature. He looks other-wordly in real life.

In other intriguing news, we’ve come across several coffee pots since we left Paris. Actual coffee pots with filters and not the Nespresso machines that we are used to. I am not a fan of those things. Getting espresso out of a pod just doesn’t feel appropriate to me. So I’m not sure what this means, but it just feels like a good sign – like i’m literally heading in the right direction.

Lastly, I am over these 3-in-1 (hair, body, hands) shower gel concoctions that are in our airbnbs/hotels. On the one hand, I love that idea because it is just so darn efficient. But much like my arch-nemesis washer-dryer combo, I think the combo results in none of the functions performing all that well. I am not that peculiar about that type of stuff — we didn’t buy shampoo in our apartment in Paris until we exhausted every travel size soap-like substance that came with our apartment, but…I also haven’t had a good hair day in about 4 months. Some sort of regular regimen of conditioner is probably in order.

Anyway, we keep visiting these châteaux and thinking – they must have been awfully cold. I love a fireplace as much as the next gal, but I don’t think they could have warmed up these places by much.

Château de Chambord

Immense. That’s the best way to describe this one. Or as S puts it: “It’s all size, but no character”. I think he has a point. The architecture is pretty impressive, but it’s relatively empty on the inside – just a few rooms that have been recreated. And in fact, a few rooms were used as an art gallery for current artists.

Probably the most famous part of the chateau is the double spiral staircase in the center — allegedly designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It’s two sets of stairs designed so that the travelers ascending the stairs and those descending on the other set can’t really see each other. Perfect for clandestine meetings.

Lastly, although the gardens weren’t ornate — the designs reminded me of mehndi patterns. Really liked them.

Château de Villandry

Not so secret garden. This château is known for its gardens. Thus, you really need to see this in any other season but winter. In winter, you need to bring your imagination, but you can tell it would be stunning. S loved it because we had the place to ourselves. Since we walked in the front gate past an empty ticket office, I kept interpreting the lack of people to mean the place must be closed and that we weren’t even supposed to be there – but a few workers saw us and never said anything.

Anyway, the fabulous part about the gardens is it contains a mix of flowers and vegetables. There is even an herb garden, pond, and maze. It’s awesome. The tending of these gardens must be meticulous. Even with this being winter, it was one of my favorite stops.



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