A Day at the Races: Hippodrome de Vincennes

A Day at the Races: Hippodrome de Vincennes

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We did a fun thing the other day and went to the Hippodrome de Vincennes in eastern Paris to watch some horse racing. Now, this was harness racing where the rider is being pulled in a two-wheeled cart. I would have preferred to see a gallop race (or flat race) but alas, there was none to be found around this time.

But, it was still pretty fun. Right before the main race, there was a small parade with cheerleaders and people on stilts who got the crowd revved up – not things I was expecting at a horse race. And the proper way to experience horse racing here is not just to watch, but to bet and then watch. We were a little too new (and everything was in French) so we didn’t bet, but next time.

Unfortunately, the pics are pretty bad. I was trying to be a little too creative with that second one. Static things are definitely more my wheelhouse.

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