Back Home in Paris, Sans Blues

Back Home in Paris, Sans Blues

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If you have been following our Instagrams, you know we spent the last 10 days in Greece and Italy. And it will take me almost that long to pore through all the photos (especially since I’m doing that between Gilmore Girl revival episodes). But I’m so eager to share the sights, experiences, and tastes (so. many. tastes.) of these places.

Returning home from a long vacation used to fill me with dread. It was like the feeling I’d get every Sunday night multiplied by 10. I really hated Sunday nights. However, yesterday night, I had none of those post-vacation blues. I was excited to come home. And I was excited and in a little disbelief that home is Paris. It is crazy how dramatically things have changed for us in just a couple months.

So until I get those next posts up, here’s a small collection of some random Fall pics around lovely Paris.

P.S. I no longer suffer from those Sunday blues, and it turns out the cure is just not to have Monday mornings.


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