Paris Comic Con: 2016

Paris Comic Con: 2016

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After class last Friday, we metro-ed over to the 19th to attend Comic Con. This is Paris’s second Comic-Con and our first. And so as to not get your hopes up, we left our cosplay outfits at home and attended as mere humans.

Games, swords, costumes, comics, nerds  galore. In terms of crowd and nerdiness levels, I’d suspect these were much lower than what you’d find in the US, but it’s probably a good gateway Comic Con for the uninitiated. Kids in nerd costumes are freakin’ adorable – especially a mini-Thor. That will melt even the coldest of hearts.

We got great seats at two sessions: Eliza Dushku discussing Le Buffyverse and Mike Coulter discussing Luke Cage. Holy moly – these people are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. I loved being reminded that there are soooo many Buffy fans out there. We watched a sweet moment where a French girl who asked Faith (sorry, Eliza) a question during the Q&A portion prefaced that she would ask her question in English because she learned English from watching Buffy episodes on her computer when she was young. For the record, I’ve watched several Buffy episodes in French and that has not worked for me.

I did not, however, enjoy being reminded that Buffy is approaching its 20th anniversary. That’s a wake-up call right there.

But, the real breakout star of Comic Con was undoubtedly the French/English translator. This lady was something else. First, she was a fan and knew the shows very well. She would translate the question that was posed in French into English – this was easy enough. But, then would somehow both remember these long-winded, rambling answers by the guests and find a way to translate them into French, occasionally clarifying when there were no direct French translations for American phrases like “comfort zone” or “lightening in a bottle”. We were completely impressed.

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