Reenactment in the 5th

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About 6.5 years ago, we came to Paris on a work trip (his, not mine). We ate pizza at a restaurant and took a couple of photos there. Years later, we still frequently thought about that meal, but could never recall the specific restaurant. I’m not even sure why it was memorable. It was not because of the food.

Last Christmas when we were in Paris on vacation, we tried to find the place – just based on memory (his, not mine) – and had no luck. We tried again the first few days we were here when S felt certain we were in the right area, but again couldn’t find it. But then, on another wandering excursion, my proximity sense kicked in, and we finally found it. To commemorate finding this lost treasure, I had the brilliant idea that we should try to reenact one of our old photos from our original meal there.

Same restaurant (you can kind of tell from the railing behind me), same people, same sweater (mine, not his), different curtains. See for yourself. Interestingly (not really), this sweater was purchased in Paris on a previous trip and was what I wore to my job interview at TWM. It might be my lucky sweater.


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5 Responses

  1. This is amazing! 🙂 I love the idea!
    Interesting and goog thing that I was not able to guess MOI now vs years ago! But the red vs black eye glasses gave me a hint as I think you now wear the black eye glasses if i am not mistaken 😉
    Glad to see that you guys are having fun!

    • Nope! it’s the other way – red glasses are now. I just got them before I left. But I’ll gladly take the confusion any day.

  2. I love that idea. It will be something years from now that the two of you can look at, and laugh about! Life is just a series of moments!

  3. First!!!

  4. Kudos on a well written blog. I am enjoying living vicariously through you both. I also note that Scott has in the intervening 6.5 years totally fired his hair –nice, better to fire it before it completely quits on you! Mine is starting to save up for its retirement!

    Please don’t mind the light ribbing, its looks like you are both having a great amount of fun and I am jealous.

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